Friday, March 27, 2009

End of Hibernation / #155 - Peter Sundstrom

So this was meant to be a several-times-a-week thing, but I haven't actually posted since November, and haven't put a card up since September. Been busy! Really! I'll try to get back on it again; I'd like to do this up right.

I've been planning to restart this, and today I got impetus in the mail:

The scan's a bit crappy; my scanner is tempermental. Hopefully I'll get a better one done this weekend, but I ain't making any promises.

Peter Sundstrom (or Sundström, if you live in a land where umlauts are easier to create on keyboards) was, to my mind, the less-famous of the Sundström brothers that came over to the NHL in the mid-'80s. I have some vague memories of Patrik playing with the Canucks and Devils, but if it weren't for the hockey card evidence, I would have completely forgotten (or didn't know about in the first place) Peter. But he did put together a decent little career, racking up 338 NHL games for the Rangers, Capitals, and Devils. After he left the NHL, he returned to Sweden and played several more seasons with Malmö. He also represented Sweden in two Canada Cups (1984 and 1987).

As an aside, the Swedish version of Wikipedia says that Patrik and Peter hold the all-time NHL record for twins playing on opposite teams in the same game, with 18. (Ron and Rich Sutter, again according to Swedish Wikipedia, faced off 17 times.) I'm not going to double-check that stat, but it is pretty cool.

Peter Sundstrom's stats at hockeydb